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SSP 2022 Detailed Agenda and Timetable

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  Monday, May 23
 UTC Duration Title Speakers
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13:30 0:10 Study Group Chairs' welcome remarks

Cumhur Gelogullari, Judith Semar (Study Group Chairs)

13:40 0:05 President's welcome address

Laurie Garrow (AGIFORS President)

13:45 0:45

Keynote address

Future of Airline Scheduling and Planning: Challenges and Opportunities

Nawal Taneja

Airline Business Strategist and Author

14:30 0:30

A Dynamic Model For Airline Fleeting And Scheduling

Chiwei Yan

University of Washington

15:00 0:30 Sponsor presentation - Amadeus

Jeremy Million


15:30 0:15 Break  
15:45 0:15

Airline Update - American Airlines

Jataveda Dasgupta

16:00 0:25 Probabilistic Flight Delay Predictions Using Machine Learning and Applications to the Flight-to-Gate Assignment Problem

Mike Zoutendijk, Mihaela Mitici

Delft University of Technology

16:25 0:35 Robust Scheduling: Art or Science?

Pranav Gupta (Amadeus)

Silvana Param (LATAM)

17:00 0:45 Flight Block Time Design for Airline Schedule Planning

Ahmed Abdelghany (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)

17:45 Day1 Closing Cumhur Gelogullari, Judith Semar (Study Group Chairs)
    Tuesday, May 24
 UTC Duration Title Speakers
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13:30 0:10 Day2 welcome

Cumhur Gelogullari, Judith Semar (Study Group Chairs)

13:40 0:40 Holistic Network and Schedule Optimization at Lufthansa Group Fabio Ghielmetti, Timo Koch, Dominique Schmitt-Bohlender Lufthansa Group
14:20 0:40

Clean Sheet Scheduling: Truth or Myth?

Pranav Gupta (Amadeus)

David Hagerhjelm, John Gatu (Southwest Airlines)

15:00  0:30 Sponsor Presentation - Boom Supersonic Trent Geekie, Mike Caputo, Ben Murphy

Boom Supersonic

15:30 0:15 Break  
15:45 1:00

Panel Discussion
Turning Crisis to Opportunity

What has changed in airline network planning and scheduling,

what is here to stay, what remains to evolve?

Aaron McGarvey (Finnair)

Sebastian Ponce (Transat)

Philippe Puech  (American Airlines)

Brian Streeval (Boeing)

16:45 0:40 Forecasting the Supersonic Future

Eric Dowty, James Crasta, Matt McElfresh

Boom Supersonic

17:25 Day2 Closing Cumhur Gelogullari, Judith Semar (Study Group Chairs)
Wednesday, May 25
 UTC Duration Title Speakers
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13:30 0:05 Day3 welcome Cumhur Gelogullari, Judith Semar (Study Group Chairs)
13:35 0:30 Humanitarian Fleet Planning and Weekly Scheduling Optimisation

Thomas Billet (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines)

Willem-Jozef Van Goethem (Aviation Decision Sciences)

14:05 0:40 Electric flight scheduling with battery-charging and battery-swapping opportunities

Mihaela Mitici


14:450:15Airline Update - Southwest AirlinesMatt Muehleisen, Lonny Hurwitz, David Hagerhjelm
15:00 0:30 Sponsor Presentation - Lufthansa Systems

Dirk Bracklow 

Lufthansa Systems

15:30 0:15 Break
15:45 0:30

Reducing Crews Demand and Crew Related Costs through Flight

Schedule Adjustments

Alexey Tarasov, Max Andreev


16:15 0:30 Maintaining Air Connectivity Considering Extreme Events: Sub-Saharan Africa Case Study

Soheil Sibdari

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

16:45 0:10 Conference Closing and Farewell Cumhur Gelogullari, Judith Semar (Study Group Chairs)

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