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Airline Operations Study Group

All aspects of Flight Operations, Ground Resources, and Maintenance are covered.

Flight Operations - Dispatch, flight planning, flight watch, weather data provision, operations control, ground to air communications and integration with crew, schedules and maintenance planning. Gate allocation, slot control, ATC and airport management; use of simulation and expert systems for the management of irregular operations.

Ground Resources - Management science techniques in reducing costs or increasing manpower effectiveness.  Determination of operational manpower requirements, optimal task allocation, production of efficient roster patterns, planning of employment, annual leave, training, reward systems and strategic planning of recruitment.

Maintenance - Information systems for Maintenance & Engineering and Materials functions were previously a focus of this study group. There is now a new study group called the Aircraft Maintenance Operations Study Group.  Their webpage is HERE.

2019 Study Group - in Paris

Bateaux MouchesJointly with Maintenance & Scheduling.  Complete with a river cruise on the Seine!

The combined attendance of the 3 conferences was 171 delegates.  In Operations and Maintenance, we had
118 delegates from 30 airlines.  19 technical papers were presented.

2020, 2021 & 2022 Study Group Online Events

The 2020 Airline Operations Study Group meeting was AGIFORS first ever online event.  It was attended by 449 people from 50 airlines and 45 countries, to discuss the effect of COVID on the airline industry, and potential solutions to the industry's operational problems.

The conference was written up in the August-September issue of Aviation Today's "Avionics Magazine" HERE

In 2021 and 2022 we again held the conference online.

2023 study group - in mexico city

Jointly with Maintenance.  Complete with a trip to Mexico City's giant pyramids!  And a delightful evening in a cantina.

We had 133 delegates from 22 airlines in 21 countries.  22 technical papers were presented

We hope to see you again in person in Hamburg in 2024!

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   Mike Irrgang



Yuxi Xiao

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