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On request of Agifors crew management study group, the Bojsen Consult GmbH volunteered to prototype a simple but free conference app. The app we are having available at crew management study group meeting offers the following features

The Agenda allows to access the agenda of the conference. Clicking on a calendar entry allows to see session details as well as to download the session into the local calendar.

The Participants allow to view a list of all participants.

The Documents grant access to some conference relevant materials.

Online calendar

Similar to last year, and serving the needs for those who do not wish to install an app, the agenda is also accessible through the web via https://agifors.bojsen.eu.

Conference Companion App

Add me as participant

If, during your conference registration, you have agreed that your contact details may be shared with other participants, you do not need to register yourself. Your profile in the app has already been created then.

In this case, you can access https://app.conference-companion.com/Account/Login and reset your password, or use the passwordless login. For the later to work, you need access to the email you have used for the registration.

If you want to be shown on the Participants page, you may register via the following URL: https://app.conference-companion.com/Account/Register.

After successful registration, you can sign-in, complete your profile and via Profile - Conferences join the participant list.

The code to join the Agifors crew management group meeting 2024 is AGIFORS.

Installation instructions

Download the app Conference Companion from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store:

Start the app.

On the home screen, select AGIFORS CREW 2024 and hit Enter.

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