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AGIFORS Ken Wang Scholars Program

Promoting Careers in Airline Operations Research

Ken Wang Scholars

The AGIFORS Ken Wang Scholars program recognizes students who are in the early stages of their careers and are engaging in airline operations research.  The Scholars program honors the late Ken Wang, who served for many years as a member of the AGIFORS Council and as the chair of the Scheduling and Strategic Planning Study Group. He was also active in the Annual Symposium and Revenue Management study groups meetings. 

Ken Wang served for nearly twenty years as the General Manager of Planning and Revenue Management at Cathay Pacific and later did work with Airbus.  He was an inspiring leader with vast energy and a passion for solving airline operations research problems (of all forms).  Ken and his wife, Sally Bellmaine, were mainstays at the AGIFORS symposium meetings helping organize the spouse programs and social events over many years (well after Ken’s retirement).  They helped arrange AGIFORS meetings in many different locations including Australia, Bali, China, and Singapore.  For his long-standing contributions, Ken Wang was honored as an AGIFORS Fellow.

Ken Wang with wife Sally Bellmaine  on their wedding day, January 3, 1991Ken Wang with wife Sally Bellmaine on their wedding day, January 3, 1991

The award

The purpose of the program is to promote academic careers in the application of operations research to the airline industry, through a dedicated program: the AGIFORS Ken Wang Scholars, for students early in their academic programs who are pursuing creative, rigorous, and practically relevant work using operations research techniques to solve airline problems.

Refer to the application and selection page for more details.

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