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SWIM Workshop – Use Cases for Leveraging SWIM in Airline Operations

02 September 2016 16:14 | David Foster (Administrator)

Join us at the SWIM Workshop on 10 October 2016 to participate in a one-of-a-kind open forum involving Airlines, ANSPs, data aggregators as well as research & academia – all coming together to collectively brainstorm on how to make the most out of SWIM as it gains momentum on a global scale.

Now that more real-time data is becoming available (for free) via SWIM, it is time to explore what value this data can provide to airlines. The live SWIM feeds are well-positioned to complement existing data used by airlines or provide faster/cheaper ways of getting that same data – in both cases providing airlines opportunities not just for improvement and efficiency but more importantly for innovation.

The workshop is structured in 3 parts:

(1) Part 1: Sets the stage by providing a summary of the state of the art in SWIM from the perspectives of ANSPs, Airlines and vendors.

(2) Part 2: Showcases SWIM implementation success stories presented by invited speakers from the industry

(3) Part 3: Focuses on the future opportunities of leveraging SWIM in a moderated discussion with participants and on brainstorming necessary steps to be taken by all stakeholders to get the most out of SWIM.

Who will benefit?

- Airlines


- Data aggregators

- Application providers/system integrators

- Research & Academia

What topics will be covered?

- SWIM State of the Art

- Success stories of using SWIM

- Innovation driven by SWIM

- Use cases for using SWIM to do things differently or more efficiently

- Roadmap for making the most out of SWIM

Contact us

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Phone: +1 (404) 385-6634

Email: president@agifors.org

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